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The Grande Punto  system has two boxes, the Evo has only one. This is not only restrictive but robs the car of any decent sound. The esseesse exhaust is is slightly bigger in diameter. This was fitted on the esseesse kit and on the Supersport /Scorpione Although a better sound, for some its not quite enough. Here are the popular alternatives.

Along with the exhausts a sports cat is a good way to de-restrict a system. The standard cat is 400cpi and a sports cat is only 200cpi

sports cat                            379


This is a custom made stainless system and there are branches allover the country. There are two ways to get a better sound. one is a back box delete which is the most cost effective way and the second is a full custom system.

Back box Delete 180

Full System      470


Ragazzon are stainless off the shelf systems. you can buy any section from the downpipe to the backbox and of course a full system. These sound great but are not cheapThe back box is the cheapest way to get a good sound but if you want the ultimate Ragazzon also do a full system with a remote valve to change the sound from restrained to very loud!

The back box is about  279

Full system from turbo with remote valve            1,400


G-tech is a German company who manufacture exhausts for most Italian cars. They offer a full system for AGP and APE. These are not the cheapest but have really good sound

Prices vary for these so check out their website


Supersprint systems are a very popular choice but these are not the cheapest. available as a just a back box or as a full cat back system.

The rear section is about     525

Rear section with back box delete                            323

Full system from turbo with remote valve                  1,400

POWERFLOW                             RAGAZZON                                      G-TECH                                      SUPERSPRINT



W H E R E  F R O M ?

The following mods are certainly not an exhaustive list of whats available but covers the most popular and tried and tested ones. Most of these are simple bolt on mods and custom additions. This does not cover extreme moddifications like Larger turbo’s, forged pistons, cams, and conversions.

E X T R E  M E   M O D I F I C A T I O N

The quest for more power is as addictive as it is difficult, especially when it comes to tuning the Multiair engine. The AGP has a conventional twin cam 16v arrangement and tuning is quite straightforward compared to the Multiair on the EVO. The Multiair is quite a powerful and torquey engine and is good and what it does. The cylinder haed has only one conventional exhaust cam but the inlet is controlled by four oil fed hydraulic actuators which control the lift and length in which the inlet valves are open, esencially this is a variable valve timed engine, allowing for a good spread of torque from very low down the rev range. 

Getting to 200 bhp on the EVO is obtainable with just a few mods and a stage 1 map. Beyond around 210-220 the standard garrett 1446 turbo is at its limit and requires more serious hardware, such as a larger /  hybrid turbo

With the advancement of technology and knowledge, there are companies now pushing the envelope of what is possible with these engines and 300+ and even 400 bhp has been achieved, by MT&D......CLICK ON THE RED SCORPION TO SEE MORE INFO