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The Grande Punto  system has two boxes, the Evo has only one. This is not only restrictive but robs the car of any decent sound. The esseesse exhaust is is slightly bigger in diameter. This was fitted on the esseesse kit and on the Supersport /Scorpione Although a better sound, for some its not quite enough. Here are the popular alternatives.

Along with the exhausts a sports cat is a good way to de-restrict a system. The standard cat is 400cpi and a sports cat is only 200cpi

sports cat                            379


This is a custom made stainless system and there are branches allover the country. There are two ways to get a better sound. one is a back box delete which is the most cost effective way and the second is a full custom system.

Back box Delete 180

Full System      470


Ragazzon are stainless off the shelf systems. you can buy any section from the downpipe to the backbox and of course a full system. These sound great but are not cheapThe back box is the cheapest way to get a good sound but if you want the ultimate Ragazzon also do a full system with a remote valve to change the sound from restrained to very loud!

The back box is about  279

Full system from turbo with remote valve            1,400


G-tech is a German company who manufacture exhausts for most Italian cars. They offer a full system for AGP and APE. These are not the cheapest but have really good sound

Prices vary for these so check out their website


Supersprint systems are a very popular choice but these are not the cheapest. available as a just a back box or as a full cat back system.

The rear section is about     525

Rear section with back box delete                            323

Full system from turbo with remote valve                  1,400

POWERFLOW                             RAGAZZON                                      G-TECH                                      SUPERSPRINT



W H E R E  F R O M ?

The following mods are certainly not an exhaustive list of whats available but covers the most popular and tried and tested ones. Most of these are simple bolt on mods and custom additions. This does not cover extreme moddifications like Larger turbo’s, forged pistons, cams, and conversions.



Replaces very restrictive intercooler setup and lengthily pipe-work, for Airtec’s high flow 60mm core intercooler and shortened alloy pipe kit, we keep fast Turbo spool up by using 50mm pipe-work into the turbo and 60mm out of the turbo to help match the throttle body, this combination gives fast turbo spool up and maximum power output.

Airtec intercoolers are the most commonly used on the Punto

W H E R E  F R O M ?   295.00


The standard intercooler  does the job it was designed for quite well. There are other mods which would be more beneficial before considering changing the standard intercooler. However, if you plan to raise the boost pressure either with a remap or bigger turbo then the Airtec intercooler is recommended, as fitted by many enthusiasts

E C U  T U N I N G


5 selectable power settings

increased power  throughout the entire rev range We design our maps to make power come in sooner, make great torque gains and hold them for as long as possible. Whilst we do make great peak power increases, for most vehicles this is not the primary focus of our tuning. We aim to get the best power possible across the whole rev range to make your vehicle perform best in real world driving conditions.

Our units considerably reduce turbo lag and will make your vehicle easier and more fun to drive.

Your vehicle should make very similar power and torque gains to those quoted, though small variances from vehicle to vehicle, and from dyno to dyno are to be expected.

W H E R E  F R O M ?   174.99


Torque               250 nm


Torque               280 nm

Power:               165 bhp

Power:               188 bhp


Torque               270 nm

Power:               180 bhp


Torque               317 nm

Power:               198 bhp

The T-Jet engine in the AGP is fairly simple to remap as its a conventional twin cam 16v and there are numerous tuners who willdo this. However the Multiair unit found in the evo is notoriously difficult to tune due to its design of how the multiair untit controls the inlet valves. The Bluespark box is a great way to extract more power safely and can be removed. its basicly a piggy-back unit to the standard ECU and takes no more that 10 minutes to fit.


D V + V A L V E

Uprated diverter valve

This is a great mod for all multiair engines

N.B Will not fit AGP T-jet engine.


The end result is sharper throttle response, lightning-fast valve actuation, and it will hold as much boost as you can throw at it.


The solenoid coil itself from the factory-fitted valve is great (the ECU opens it faster than any pneumatic valve so why replace it?), but the weak point however is the valve mechanism itself. So GFB’s DV+ solves this problem by replacing just the valve parts with an anodised billet aluminium housing fitted with a brass piston machined to exacting tolerances.

W H E R E  F R O M ?

Sharper throttle resonse

reduced lag between gear changes

more reliable than standard factory item

E X T R E  M E   M O D I F I C A T I O N

The quest for more power is as addictive as it is difficult, especially when it comes to tuning the Multiair engine. The AGP has a conventional twin cam 16v arrangement and tuning is quite straightforward compared to the Multiair on the EVO. The Multiair is quite a powerful and torquey engine and is good and what it does. The cylinder haed has only one conventional exhaust cam but the inlet is controlled by four oil fed hydraulic actuators which control the lift and length in which the inlet valves are open, esencially this is a variable valve timed engine, allowing for a good spread of torque from very low down the rev range. 

Getting to 200 bhp on the EVO is obtainable with just a few mods and a stage 1 map. Beyond around 210-220 the standard garrett 1446 turbo is at its limit and requires more serious hardware, such as a larger /  hybrid turbo

With the advancement of technology and knowledge, there are companies now pushing the envelope of what is possible with these engines and 300+ and even 400 bhp has been achieved, by MT&D......CLICK ON THE RED SCORPION TO SEE MORE INFO




F I T T I N G   L S D  +  M 3 2  G E A R B O X  R E B U I L D

THOMAS-ROBERT-EAGLES (Avid enthusiast and active moderator on The Abarth Punto Collective) has written about his journey to sorting and uprating the M32 gearbox and the fitment of an LSD

So... said I was going to do a bit of a lengthy write up & here it is. Gearbox Rebuild (AGP, M32)

So I have owned the car a while now (over 7 years!), and it now lives in london and does about 6-7,000 miles a year. I intend to get something different in about 3-5 years and have started doing the occasional track day in it. So I though it would be about time for a bit of a mechanical 'refresh' to ensure it lives till it gets replaced or turned into a dedicated trackday car.

The car had also developed a serious 'wobble' under acceleration after new tyres had been fitted and a lot of swapping wheels/balancing wheels didnt make much if any difference, so I knew there was potentially something else up with it/had suspicions what.

For the trackday side, I had previously bought the floating APE discs to replace my last set @72,000 or so miles + the ferodo pads (I did 7 hard instructor laps of bedford and they worked fine/still going then, so didn't see the point of upgrading material just yet), I was however struggling to get power down out of the corners (ending with 36 PSI in the tyres didnt help! but I had dropped them down to 26 before I started).

That led me think hmmm I could get an LSD & the gearbox + track time, might only be a matter of time before it goes bang!

With that in mind, I decided to do a gearbox & LSD + refresh what else might need doing to fix the wobble. As all the gearbox was off & at 74,000 miles, I decided to replace the following in terms of preventative maintenance and all being the original parts:
- Clutch
- Release Bearing/Slave cylinder (one part)
- Flywheel
- Driveshaft spiders (more on this later)

I bought the following kit from Courtney Motorsport

Details -

I also bought the Quaife LSD direct from Quaife (although Courtney could supply), with new Differential bearings included as an option for extra .

Dropped the car off to Essex Auto transmissions and waited!......

While taking apart they found what was causing my wobble, its wasnt worn drive shaft spiders (red in the image)!



Im sure people will want to know the cost:

Essex Auto Transmissions........................................1,500 fitted (including new parts & gearbox oil (500 ish of that))

End case + new bearings.......................................... 270 delivered

Quaife Diff ..................................................................915 delivered

Clutch, Flywheel, Spiders, Release Bearing (circa... 1200, dont have the invoice to hand)

Total cost....................................................................3,900 roughly....

Lets hope it lasts another 40,000 miles at least eh! (average of 10p a mile cost then!)

drive shaft

Modified end case and larger 60mm bearings


Typical M32 bearing failure!


Quaife LSD

it was the part to the right of the spider that goes through the gearbox (pretty sure its the 1/2 shaft), the cup was worn/wearing more & the opposing side was starting to wear also.

Another week later (parts took a while to arrive) I picked the car back up, with them having it for a total of two weeks!

Have to take it easy for the first 500 miles (should be completed with a trip to Snowdon this weekend) but it feels nice and the LSD transforms it completely, very different handling characteristics, feels like it will massively oversteer if you were to lift off.... and puts the power down stupidly well, no real wheelspin even when not quite in a straight line.