The 1,4 Multiair engine of FPT was first launched in 2009 and voted International engine of the Year, just the next year, thanks to a high tech mechanic/hydraulic controlling intake valve system, comanded by the E.C.U. The complexity of the system stood agianst the tuning of the engine and no tuner managed to present a way of evolving timing and lift charachteristics. With great effort,study and experimentation in actual conditions, we present you for the first time a fully operational and reliable way of improving system charachteristics,that has fully tested and performed the best.
In addition with other tuning suggestions we create different stages of tuning.

Importance of modification :

Multiair system has the ability to change in real time the lift of the intake valves accordind to the commands of the ECU. Improved torque,driveability and overall performance come as a result.When full power is the demand, the system gets in ''FULL LIFT'' mode. But this spesific lift is proved inefficient when we demand increased power,as in big turbo setups for example. The phenomenon that takes place, is that as we increase boost pressure, the outcome horsepower doesn't increase in perpendicular way. Thus, tuners and programmers increase extremely high the boost pressure in order to achieve good results, putting in danger the turbocharger and the engine too.
With our modification,system characteristics improved in a way that allow an adequate amount of a/f mixtue to enter the combustion chamber,so horsepwer can increase perpendicular to the boost pressure increase. The efficiency of the engine combines the power of the conventional engines with improved camshafts, without sacrifice torque and responce in low revs, thanks to the full adjustment of the system to new data.

Chris Sevastos , Aircraft engineer.
Boubis Cams, High performance cams.



CAMSHAFT UPGRADE// all setups. 350 euro.
HEAD PORTING// stage 1,stage 2. 350 euro
HEAD PORTING// specialized for our cam. 350 euro


Multiair's head has too small ports according to FIAT's policy. Manufacturer's strategy for maximum driveability, maximum percentage of torgue in lowest rpm and lowest amounts of pollutants are the main reasons. Small ports provide high speed of incoming mixture in low rpm, but also decrease dramaticaly the maximum flow capactiy. As a result, engine can't be supplied with enough amount of a/f mixture when power demands are icreased too much.
Our efford is to port the head in a way that maximum flow capacity is increased providing gains in high rpm ,while low rpm torgue is least effected.

Why is important to combine camsfaft upgrade with head porting?
According to our analysis multiair's valve opening cachacteristics are insufficient for big power demands and high revving. So, porting the head and increasing flow rate while the new amount of mixture dont have enough time to enter the combustion chamber before valve close again gives minimum gains. Porting could be done with any setup, but porting in way perfectly combined with upgraded camshaft would give maximum gains.


Using the best and most sohpisitcated tools, highest quality standards are ensured. After modifing Multiair's camshaft not only surphase hardness remained unchanged,but there was a bit of improvement in fact.
Note. We suprisingly noticed that Fiat's camshaft's hardness numbers was very close and even better to Porche's camshaft.


We are really happy we are in position to be the only company, that provides spesific data about tuning and performance of multiair engine!

As we have tested stage1 camshaft to the limits( 285hp, 36kg torque) we can now give its specifications.

-Stock cam : intake 248 degrees(full lift mode)
exhaust 220 deg. , 7,0mm
max capacity :230+

Stage1 cam: intake 252 deg(full lift mode)
exhaust 242 deg, 7.8mm
max capacity :280 +

Stage2 cam: Specs will remain classified until our new stage3 racing cam is available!!

max capacity : 300+

Stage2 software available now!!

Fully unlocked ecu!
Unlimited boost up to 2 bar for big turbo setups !

Price 700 euro.

E C U   S O F T W A R E

First multiair 280+ hp!

New dyno with Ecu fully unlocked now!!

Very usefull results today as we reached the limit of stage1 camshaft at 280+ hp. We can now focus in reaching the limit of stage2 camshaft at 300++ hp.
Abarth punto evo multiair
Stage1 camshaft
Td04-13t billet wheel
Ported head.

Dyno results
- At 1 bar boost pressure we managed 244hp !
-At 1,35 bar boost pressure we managed the unbelievable 280hp!
-At this point stage1 camshaft reached its limits...we tried even 1,65 bar boost pressure but power couldn't exceed 286hp, only +6 hp gain. Although torque climbed up to 36kg torque!
-No throttle closing, perfect function of ecu
-Really safe mapping with 11,5 afr/ 10 degrees spark advance@7000 rpm !!!

New stup for our test car coming soon with stage2 camshaft, oversized valves and bigger turbo, aiming for 320hp!!


Our new stage3 racing camshaft is under development now!!

Max capacity about 350 hp!!!

Our tuning kits are available now!!

-Kit 225.
Camshaft stage1
Intercooler 55x16x6,5 by ATC
Remmaping stage1

Price: 800euros (reprofiled cam) or 1100euros( new cam)

-Kit 225-250
Camshaft stage1
Turbo td04L-13t, billet wheel by ATC
Intercooler 55x16x6,5 by ATC
BOV adapter with appropriate fittings
Remmaping stage1

Price: 1500euros(reprofiled cam) or 1700euros( new cam)

-Kit 250-270
Camshaft stage2
Turbo td04L-13t, billet wheel by ATC
Intercooler 55x16x6,5 by ATC
BOV adapter with appropriate fittings
Injectors Bosch ev14 380cc
Remmaping stage1

Price: 2100 euros

-Kit 300
Camshaft stage2
Turbo td04L-13t, billet wheel by ATC
Intercooler 55x16x6,5 by ATC
BOV adapter with appropriate fittings
Injectors Bosch ev14 380cc
Remmaping stage2
* Exhaust manifold+external wastegate demanded

Price: 2800 euros

-Preparation for 300++
Head tuning: Porting
Reinforced-oversized exhaust valves
Valve guides
Valve seals
Valve springs Beehive 8-9,5mm
Camshaft stage2
Intercooler 55x23x6,5 by ATC
BOV adapter with appropriate fittings
Remmaping stage2

* Forged block, Turbo t28 scale, exh
manifold+external wastegate, injectors 420cc / Demanded


T U N I N G   K I T S   A V A I L A B L E


Intercooler 55x23x6,5 by ATC

Turbo td04L-13t, billet wheel by ATC

C A  M S H A F T    U P G R A D E  /  H E A D  P O R T I N G


F O L  L O W  U S  O N  F A C E B O O K