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Miles (x 1,000)







Check tyre condition/wear and adjust pressure if necessary

Check operation of lighting system (headlamps, direction indicators, hazard warning lights, passenger compartment, luggage compartment, instrument panel warning lights, etc.)

Check operation of screen wash/wipe system

Check front and rear disc brake pad condition and wear

Visually inspect condition of exterior bodywork, underbody protection, rigid and flexible pipes (exhaust, fuel system, braking system), rubber elements (boots, hoses, bushes, etc.)

Check cleanliness of bonnet and boot locks, cleanliness and lubrication of linkage

Visually inspect condition of various drive belts





Replace auxiliary drivebelt(s)






Check handbrake lever travel and adjust if necessary

Check exhaust gas emissions

Check evaporation control system





Replace air filter cartridge




Top up fluid levels (engine coolant, brake fluid, battery, screen washer, etc.)

Replace spark plugs (+)

Check condition of toothed timing drive belt





Check operation of engine management systems (using diagnostic socket)

Replace toothed timing drive belt (*)






Change engine oil and replace oil filter (or every 24 months) (**)

Change brake fluid (or every 24 months)




Change pollen filter (or every 24 months)

(*) Irrespective of the mileage, the timing belt must be changed every 5 years or every 4 years for heavy-duty use (cold climates, town use, long periods of idling, dusty areas).

(**) If the vehicle is used mainly around town or the annual mileage is less than 6,000 miles, the engine oil and engine oil filter must be changed every 12 months.

(+) Only use spark plugs specifically certified for T-Jet engines.


The vehicle must be serviced every 18,000 miles.

However, if the mileage travelled in the last 12 months was less than 6,000 miles, an engine oil and filter change must be carried out.

If the mileage travelled in each year is more than 6,000 miles but not enough to reach 18,000 miles in 24 months, an engine oil and filter change must be carried out after 24 months.


Important items are highlighted in red

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